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Stormwater for Kids

What is Storm Water?

When rain falls or water runs off from sprinklers where do you think the water goes? Some of the water flows over the land surface, heading downhill to the nearest creek or ditch. We call this storm water runoff. In cities and towns, the water can’t soak through the pavement, rooftops, and concrete. This means that there’s more storm water runoff in cities than in forests and fields.

How You Can Prevent Water Pollution

Often we think that water pollution only comes from big oil spills or huge factories. We forget that there are lots of little sources of pollution all around us. Stormwater from cities and towns can become polluted. Oil drips on driveways, fertilizers on lawns, loose dirt in areas with no plants, or dog poop can all be carried by stormwater to a drain and on to a creek or the ocean.

Never put something down a stormdrain that you think might hurt a fish. Only water belongs in a stormdrain.

Don’t litter and pick up any litter you see.

Encourage your parents to adopt a township road, you and your family can clean up litter where it really counts!

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