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Planning Commission

What is the Planning Commission?

The Planning Commission performs three primary functions for the Township:

  • Firstly, the Commission works closely with the Board of Supervisors, planning consultant, and Bucks County Planning Commission to consider current development plans and the ordinances which govern these developments.
  • Secondly, it is responsible for preparing a comprehensive plan for the development of the Township as set forth in the State Planning Code. The most recent comprehensive plan was completed was amended in 2019.
  • Finally, the Commission maintains records of all its actions. These materials are kept in the possession of the Board of Supervisors for their continued reference and use.

Who are the Planning Commission members?

The Planning Commission consists of five members that serve four year terms. The Township Planning Consultant, a Recording Secretary, and Board of Supervisors’ Liaison also attends these meetings. The current membership and Liaison can be found on the Planning Commission page.

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