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DTMA Public Water System

The Authority owned and operated three public water systems in the Central Bucks area. The largest covers most of Doylestown Township with better than 46 miles of distribution mains which service 2613 bulk, commercial, institutional and residential customers with ground water pumped from thirteen wells within Doylestown Township. A second system is located in the Cross Keys Place Shopping Center in Plumstead Township. This ground water system is now interconnected with the Authority’s north system. In 2010 this portion of the system was expanded into Buckingham, Doylestown and Plumstead Townships to service residential and commercial properties thus eliminating the use of on site contaminated groundwater systems. This expansion was partially funded through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Environmental Protections Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund. A third system covers the Cedar Crest Farms area of Doylestown Township as well as a portion of New Britain Township along Upper State Road corridor. Surface water from the Forest Park Water Treatment Plant in Chalfont, via the North Wales Water Authority, is the source for this system of more than 100 residential customers. Other areas served by the Doylestown Township water system are in adjacent communities of Doylestown Borough, New Britain Borough, New Britain and Warrington Township. Approximately one million gallons of water per day is distributed to all customers and bulk customers, such as Plumstead Township’s Patriot Ridge and Carriage Hill areas and Bucks County’s Neshaminy Manor Complex.

The Authority maintains five storage tanks with a combined storage of 1.75 million gallons of water to meet the peak demand for domestic needs and fire suppression services. It is interconnected to the North Penn and North Wales Water Authorities for surface water. An interconnection with the Borough of Doylestown is maintained for the pressure and capacity needed to service the Doylestown Hospital and other Township areas of Central Bucks. Interconnections are maintained with several independent systems such as the Pine Run Community and Warrington Township. The benefits of interconnection provides supply and/or backup water sources and reduces the need for duplication of facilities, such as storage tanks and water mains.

Ground water is pumped from wells averaging about 500 foot in depth with water pumped from the 200 foot level. The water delivered is typical Bucks County groundwater in that it is high in hardness, iron and manganese. The iron and manganese is sequestered in two of thirteen wells. All groundwater is disinfected with Chlorine gas injected at each well house. Currently some seventy tests are completed in an effort to monitor for Microbiological, Radioactive, Inorganic (lead, copper, nitrates), Synthetic Organic (pesticides) and Volatile Organic (xylenes, carbon tetrachloride, etc.) Contaminants. All water is tested periodically as required by permit of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP). Water capacities are monitored under permit by the Delaware River Basin Commission.