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Emergency Operations Plan

Doylestown Township has an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) in order to be prepared to assist the community for a response to, and recovery from, any emergency situation. The plan consists of four parts; the title page of Part 1 describes the content of each of these parts. Part 1 in its entirety is below. The contents page of Part 2 is included to show the type of information that is readily available for the location of resources from other municipalities and organizations that may be needed during an emergency response to maintain public safety. The table of contents from Part 3 shows the check lists and forms ready for response personnel to use. The contents of the Annex are listed on pages 5 and 6 of Part 1. The contents of Parts 2, 3 and the Annex are not public documents subject to the PA Right to Know law as they contain personal contact information.

Doylestown Township Emergency Operations Plans