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How do I Connect?

How do I connect to the Pebble Ridge/Woodridge and Vicinity Public Sewer & Water?

Once the sewer or water line in front of your property has been completed, you may want to consider connecting to public sewer and water. Remember, it is not necessary to connect to public sewer if the On Lot Disposal System (OLDS) on your property is working properly. Here are the steps you need to follow to make the connections. Note: Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority (BCWSA) manages the public sewer system, and Doylestown Township Municipal Authority (DTMA) manages the public water system.

  1. To request the sewer connection, contact BCWSA at 215-343-2538 and request an EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit) for your property. Provide your name, address, phone number and an email.
  2. Obtain an invoice from BCWSA that confirms you’ve made the request for the EDU.
  3. To request the water connection, you must contact Keith Hass, Executive Director of DTMA, at 215-348-9915. Obtain a receipt from DTMA to confirm that you have paid the tap-in fees.
  4. You or your plumber can bring the BCWSA invoice, and/or DTMA receipt, to the Doylestown Township Code Office to obtain a plumbing permit for the connections. Permit fee is $114.50 for one connection, or $124.50 for both connections.
  5. You can obtain a Septic Tank Closure Permit with instructions on how to close your septic tank from the Bucks County Health Department by calling (215) 345-3318.
  6. When your plumber has received all initial inspections and the installation of the sewer and/or water line is complete, contact Doylestown Township Code Enforcement at 215-348-9915 for a final inspection.
  7. When the connection inspection is complete, you will receive a Certification of Compliance from Doylestown Township Code Enforcement.
  8. Proceed with decommissioning your Septic Tank.
  9. Provide a copy of the Certificate of Compliance for the sewer connection to BCWSA, and to DTMA for the water connection. Doylestown Township will also submit copies of the Compliance Certificates to both authorities.
  10. BCWSA will then expect payment of the original invoice ($6,200) for the EDU they issued. You will have thirty (30) days in which to pay BCWSA for the EDU. Your property will then be put into the BCWSA system for monthly billing for sewage use.

(Note: When the Certificate of Compliance is issued for a sewer connection, the Township Code Office will send a copy to the Special Projects Coordinator and to the Bucks County Health Department. This will ensure that the property is taken out of the Septic Management Program.)