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Pebble Ridge / Woodridge and Vicinity Sewer & Water Project

Board of Supervisors transfers Penn Vest Loan to BCWSA

At the Board of Supervisors meeting held on December 19, 2023, the Board approved the Penn Vest Loan to be transferred to Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority (BCWSA).

At this time, BCWSA has issued the first invoice for the base amount of the loan totaling $20,341.43. This invoice / bill indicates the principal balance due (original borrowing) along with a cover letter. The highlighted amount indicated may vary for those who have made partial prepayments. Interest on the loan was not added to the cost until each property was transferred to BCWSA billing system in February 2024.  

The 20-year loan has a fixed interest rate of 2.16% with the term ending in 2044 with no balloon payment in 2043. The monthly payment for 20 years will be calculated based on the amount owed and if applicable, will be presented on a separate bill from your standard sewer bill. An amortization schedule may be provided.  

BCWSA Cover Letter

BCWSA LOAN BILL *Please note this is a mockup based on the original bill*