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PENNVEST Loan Inforamtion

6/6/2018 Township Completes Closing on the PENNVEST Loan

View the attached letter with a tentative schedule and timeline for construction.

Public Water Survey in Pebble Ridge/Woodridge

View the Municipal Authority’s letter to residents whose purpose is to gauge the interest in having public water in the surrounding vicinity of the Pebble Ridge/Woodridge neighborhood.

Township Awards Bids and Approves Paperwork for PENNVEST Loan

On April 17, 2018 the Doylestown Township Board of Supervisors approved the bids for the pump station and the clearing and grubbing for the project. Click here for the article. Be advised that BCWSA still has to approve the bids.

Also, the Board approved the required paperwork associated with the PENNVEST loan. We anticipate closing on the loan in late May. We’ll post additional updates as information becomes available.

Low Interest Loan Application Approved

At their meeting on January 31, 2018 the PennVest Board approved the Township’s application for the low interest loan to pay for the costs associated with the construction and installation of the Pebble Ridge/Woodridge Sewer Project. The receipt of funds from PennVest is subject to a formal settlement, which the Township anticipates will occur within the next four to six months. As indicated during meetings this past summer, the low interest loan interest rates and loan term offered to us by PennVest will be passed along and will be available to residents as part of a loan program offered through BCWSA to pay for each resident’s costs of the public portion of the Project.

In addition, BCWSA’s engineer Gilmore & Associates will be putting out bids for construction of the pump station, as well as clearing for the project. Permits for the project from PennDot, PA DEP and the Bucks County Conservation District are being finalized.

We still anticipate this project getting underway during the summer of 2018.