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Capital Fundraising Campaign


We are excited to announce that the Capital Campaign for the Community Recreation Center is underway!

The Township has already been awarded $1,500,000 in state and local grants for the project. We have a goal of matching those funds with another $1,500,000 in contributions from the community as well as additional grants.

This project will be comprised of three main components:

  • Indoor Recreation and Gathering Spaces
  • New Outdoor Sports Courts (Basketball, Bocce, Pickleball, and Tennis)
  • Permanent & Accessible Restrooms near the Amphitheater and Kids Castle

For details on this project, please click here.

While most of the cost will be publicly funded, we do need additional gifts to bring this project to life.  We are excited to solicit your help and participation in making our new Community Recreation Center a reality. Please consider a donation today in support of this exciting initiative!

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