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Turk Road Feasibility Study Committee

The Turk Road Feasibility Study Committee was created in 2018 for the purpose of studying and making recommendations on the continuation of the bike and hike trail along Turk Road in Doylestown Township.

Files From Micheal Baker International


Overall Trail Plan

Trail Plan 1

Trail Plan 2

Trail Plan 3

Turk Rendering 1

Turk Rendering 2

Turk Rendering 3


• Tom Kelso

• Lynn Goldman

• Keith Fenimore

• Dick Patterson

• Roger Clark

• Larry Gage

• Liz Wyckoff

• Al Krach

• Katie Maio

• Harry Jones, Jr.

• Chris Stanford, Michael Baker International, Consultant

• Ryan Manion and Stephanie Mason as Twp. Reps.

• Wendy Margolis and John Davis as Borough Reps.


• Scheduled as needed