Tips for Healthy Groundwater Conservation

Spring – When it rains, it drains. Keep contaminants from storm drains.

Spring – Storm flows are wasted if left to run down a storm drain when needed in the garden.

Spring – Lessen the need to water your plants by adding mulch to the flower bed.

Spring  – Install rain barrels or cistern. Collect rain water for garden use.

Spring – Create mini basins around trees and shrubs to catch rain run-off.

Spring – Visit to take our Stormwater Survey. We want your opinion on the water in the Township!

Summer – Collect flows in a yard cistern and sprinkle on garden in summer months.

Summer – Save ground water, collect and use rain water in your garden.

Summer -Water new plants with gray or recycled bath water.

Summer – Clean streams help to foster clean water supply.

Summer – Water your lawn before sunrise and avoid excess evaporation loss.

Summer – Wash car on lawn rather than on driveway. Use no soap and save water & dollars.

Summer – Wastewater generated from laundry, dishwashing, bathing, etc. should go into your sewer or septic system. Connecting to the storm drain is illegal and pollutes!

Fall – Check faucets & toilets for leaks. Make repairs and save water & dollars.

Fall – Create rain gardens; use less groundwater in your landscape.

Fall – reduce evaporation of pool water, cover with floating pool cover.

Fall – Reduce water use, plant drought tolerant plants in your landscape.

Fall – As the colors change and the leaves fall, please keep your storm drain clear of these and other debris, and you will be worry free.

Winter – Conserve water; conserve dollars.

Winter – Repair all water leaks and save water and money.

Winter – Install water saving devices in your home. Save water and dollars.

Winter – Even if it’s cold outside, we all have to follow the law regarding illicit discharge. Call 215-348-4220 to report any illegal dumping or polluting to the Police.

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