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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Doylestown Township building also the Bucks County Court House? What is the phone number for the Court House?

No. The Bucks County Court House is located at 55 E. Court St., Doylestown, PA. The phone number is (215) 348-6000.

Where do I send my sewer bill?

Sewer bills are paid to the Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority. For billing and contact information, visit their website at

How do I get to the Township Building?

The Doylestown Township Municipal Building is located at 425 Wells Road, Doylestown.
**If you are using your IPhone to guide you to our office or Central Park, please use the Google Maps App or enter “Kid’s Castle.” The Apple Maps App will direct you to one of our water towers if you enter in our address at 425 Wells Road. In order to avoid this issue, we would like to reiterate:
If you are using your IPhone to get to 425 Wells Rd, use Google Maps and/or type “Kid’s Castle” into the Apple Maps App.**

As of Wednesday October 4th, 2017 the Administrative, Police, and Code office will be located in the Temporary Municipal Assistance Center on the basketball courts.
Does the Township provide trash hauling?

No. The Township licenses private haulers to pick up trash and recyclables in the Township. A resident may choose any hauler licensed by the Township.

Does the Township provide leaf pick up?

No. The Township asks property owners, where possible, to compost leaves on their property. As of January 1, 2005, open burning is no longer permitted in Doylestown Township. We also ask Trash Haulers operating in the Township to provide 2 pick up dates per year to their customers. Contact your trash hauler for info on your collection days. The Township also provides a drop off site for leaf and yard waste that is opened 1 day per month. Visit our trash and recycling page for more info.

Are water and sewer provided by the Township?

Some areas of Doylestown Township have public sewer provided by Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority. Areas of the Township on public water are serviced by the Doylestown Township Municipal Authority.

Does Doylestown Township offer any recreational activities, summer camps for children, or day trips?

The Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of activities throughout the year for children, adults and seniors. For more information, visit the Parks and Recreation Department or call (215) 348-9915.

What are the meeting dates and times for the Township boards?

Meeting dates and times for each of the Townships boards and committees are listed on the Township website. Visit the Boards and Commissions webpage for a list of the volunteer committees and a link to the monthly meeting calendar.

Who are the supervisors and when do they meet?

The Board of Supervisors meet the first and third Tuesday of each month. For more information about the members of the Board of Supervisors or approved meeting minutes, visit the Board of Supervisors webpage.

How do I reach the Doylestown Township Board of Supervisors?

For contact information for each Supervisor, please visit the Board of Supervisors page.

Are Doylestown firefighters paid or volunteers?

Doylestown Fire Company No. 1 is an all-volunteer organization and has been since 1895. The fire company covers Doylestown Township, Doylestown Borough, New Britain Borough, and part of Buckingham Township. There are 2 stations, one on Shewell Avenue in Doylestown Borough and one on Warden Road in Doylestown Township. Prospective volunteers do not need previous experience or training, just a desire to serve the community. All training and equipment is provided. For more information, stop by either station on a Wednesday night after 7 PM, call 215-348-2656, or check the website at

Where do I vote?

Information about voting and list of precincts is located on our Voting information page. For additional information, contact Bucks County Board of Elections.

Who is responsible for road maintenance?

Doylestown Township is responsible for maintaining Township-owned roads and PennDOT is responsible for maintaining state roads. For a list of state roads, visit the Roads Department webpage

What is the Central Bucks School District phone number?