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Public Water and Sewer Advisory Board

The Board advises and educates the public and Board of Supervisors on issues involving wastewater and well water management.  Wastewater is that which is discharged from a residence or building; then processed through an on-lot septic system (thereby recharging the aquifer below the ground), or through a sewer pipe leading to a wastewater treatment facility.

Utilizing technical data and public input the Board reviews and evaluates current on-lot system and well data provided by the Board of Health and Township.  Upon analyzing the data, Board members prepare practical and economically feasible recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding wastewater management and to the Municipal Authority regarding water contamination.


• Joseph Van Houten, Chairman

• John Canterbury, Vice Chairman

• Joseph Krumenacker

• Wallace Pattyson

• Gary Munkelt

• Dan Wood

• Vacancy

• Ryan Manion, Board of Supervisors Liaison


• 5:30 PM

• 3rd Thursday Bi-Monthly

• Administration Trailer Large Conference Room