Traffic Concerns

Who is in control of our traffic?

The Residents of Doylestown Township

The residents of Doylestown Township are ultimately responsible for the control of traffic within our community. We must continually remind ourselves to drive responsibly. Please don’t be a violator in your own community..

The Doylestown Township Police

The Doylestown Township Police Department is charged with the overall traffic safety within the township. This is accomplished through proactive patrols intended to identify traffic hazards and traffic patterns on both state and local roadways within the township.

The police department has a proactive Selective Traffic Enforcement Program which targets areas in the township which have been identified through statistical analysis in need of traffic calming. Traffic Calming measures include such tactics as speed boards, warnings signs and in some cases traffic enforcement. Township police officers have been charged with a zero tolerance policy for traffic violators and attempt to gain voluntary compliance through the issuance of traffic warnings and traffic citations as needed.

The Traffic Advisory Committee

The Traffic Advisory Committee was created in 2005 for the purpose of studying traffic issues in the Township and making recommendations where appropriate to the Traffic Commission and to the Board of Supervisors.

The eight member Traffic Advisory Committee is made up of one member from each of the townships eight voting districts. In addition to the eight member committee representatives from the police department, board of supervisors and the township traffic engineer consultant generally attend monthly meetings. The Traffic Advisory Committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month in the Township meeting room.

Any township resident with a traffic related question or concern is encourage to attend the monthly meeting and/or submit an online complaint. On-line complaints will be addressed at the next regularly scheduled Traffic Advisory Committee meeting.

To file an On-line complaint click here.

The Doylestown Township Traffic Commission

The Traffic Commission is a review board that was formed to address traffic safety issues that occur within the township. The Commission is charged with reviewing traffic issues on township roadways and to conduct studies on the issue to identify possible solutions. By statute the Traffic Commission can address issues such as the posting new stop signs, no parking signs, and other regulations including modifications of speed limits on township roadways.

The Traffic Commission is composed of the Chief of Police, the Township Manager and a safety officer.