Forms & Fees


Here are downloadable forms commonly requested by citizens.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the forms:

Alarm User Application  If you are installing a monitored alarm in a residence or business within the township, this application must be completed and returned to the police station with the $25.00 one-time fee prior to installation.

Alarm Suppliers Application  Any alarm company who will be monitoring an alarm in the township must complete this application and return it to the police station with a $35.00 annual fee.

Disability Placard Application Fill out this form to apply for or renew Penn DOT issued disability placards, then send the form and any related fees to Penn DOT.

Emergency Contact Sheet: Fill out this form to provide the department with emergency contact information on a property within the township.

House Check Request Form: Fill this form out if you will be away and would like to request that your home be included on a patrol check.

Right to Know Request Fill out this form to request information from the police department under the Right-To-Know Law. Not all police records are subject to disclosure under the law. Documents which are specifically exempt from disclosure can be found in section 708 of the Right-To-Know Law. Fees for records requested vary depending on the type of media requested. Questions regarding fees may be directed to the Open Records Officer.

Solicitor Application  All solicitors doing business in the township will need to complete this form and return it in person to the police station during normal business hours with the $50.00 application fee.  The applicant will be fingerprinted and be subject to a criminal history check.  Solicitor permits are good for 3 months and are renewable.

Special Event Application: Doylestown Township Code, Chapter 58, Mass Public Assembly requires an Assembly Permit for public gatherings to be held within the township. The organizers of the public gathering are required to complete an application and receive an Assembly Permit prior to holding an such event.


The following fees apply to items that are available for purchase at the police station during normal business hours:

Accident Report :  $15.00

Accident reconstruction report:  $100.00

Accident photographs:  $15.00 each

Alarm users:  $25.00 (one time fee)

Alarm suppliers: $35.00 (annually)

Alarm penalty fee (false/accidental alarms with police response, assessed for 12 month period):

     4 to 10 false alarms:  $50.00 per alarm

     11 to 15 false alarms:  $100.00 per alarm

     16 or more false alarms:  $150.00 per alarm

Copies of photographs:  $15.00 (each 8″ x 10″)

Criminal history Information check: $15.00     Note: this fee is for a check of the Doylestown Township Police Department records ONLY – for a criminal history check of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, contact the Pennsylvania State Police P.A.T.C.H. system by clicking here.

Fingerprinting:  $15.00

Police report (U.I.R. letter):  $15.00