Kids Castle to Make Improvements for Children of All Abilities

The March 25th temporary closure of Kids Castle in Doylestown Township marks another step in the ongoing “Build the Kingdom” campaign, aimed at achieving inclusive play at the playground for children of all abilities including those of special needs.

The Friends of Kids Castle volunteers raised over $400,000 for these improvements through the generosity of individual donors, sponsors of play equipment, local businesses, grants from state and private organizations, and in-kind donations of goods and services.

During this temporary closure, new play structures will be installed that meet the needs of children with a variety of abilities at all ends of the spectrum to encourage and enable them to play with one another.

Children will be able to participate equally and independently at their own skill levels with their siblings, neighbors, caregivers, and friends. Play features are also included for children with visual impairment, hearing impairment, autism/SPD, mobility impairment, and cognitive disabilities.

In addition to these inclusive play upgrades, the temporary closure will also allow for improvements of the existing playground, including the installation of a new, more durable safety surfacing called Poured-in-Place that will also provide equal access to the playground for all.

The Kids Castle playground will remain closed from March 25th through early to mid-June until these upgrades are completed. The Park itself will remain open during the entire project.

The ongoing “Build the Kingdom” Capital Campaign Project would not be possible without the generous ongoing support of volunteers, donors, the Township, and the entire community. Volunteers are still actively fundraising for additional upgrades to Kids Castle that are needed for children of all abilities.

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