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Pebble Ridge / Woodridge and Vicinity Sewer Project

Find information regarding the Pebble Ridge/ Woodridge and Vicinity Sewer Project.

NOTE: The Pebble Ridge Sewer Project is ongoing, and updates will be posted when needed. Please check back for more information.

Construction Drawings for Pebble Ridge/Woodridge Area Sanitary Sewers Updates from BCWSA

May 6, 2019  The drilling of the rock (at the Both property) ended on 4/25 , Construction picked up with the sewer main installation again on Monday 4/29. The rock was able to come out with some hammering involved. By the end of 5/3 construction installed 168 LF. down the driveway. We plan on being at the end of the Both property and moving across Almshouse road in 2 weeks (weather permitting).  We expect the installation rate to increase significantly.

April 12, 2019  We are working on the driveway portion of the Both property at Almshouse and Militia Hill roads. We are also continuing to raise the grade along the easement off Militia hill road to aide in expediting the pipe installation. We have hit significantly dense rock on the Both property and have to start drilling every one foot on center of the trench so we can break the rock. Currently the rock is destroying the bits we use to break it apart. We expect the drilling to take one to two weeks. We are currently only about 2 weeks off our schedule. Once the drilling is completed we will update the projections of the timing of the work. Some minor design changes are being made to reduce the rock being encountered (based on boring results) and to streamline the pipe work.

April 1, 2019 Last week the Construction crew hammered and grinded the 14 LF x 3’D to get to the location of Manhole #4 . Construction hammered and grinded a 4.5’d x8’ x8’w to get the area where manhole #4 was to be set. Construction set Manhole #4 on 3/28/2019 and installed  18’ to make the connection from Manhole # 3a to Manhole # 4, Crew also back-filled around Manhole #4 and back-filled the open trench between Manhole #3a and Manhole #4. 3/29/2019 crew clean-up remaining material and Haul in 300+ Tons of stone from manhole #4 to Manhole #5.

This Week we anticipate to be in the blue rock for another 30 to 60 ft. we are coming out of it with the test holes that we excavated to see if there was rock in various locations. In the beginning we will be grinding about 2-3’of rock in the trench, but hopefully it will be dropping off as we are coming up with the slope of the pipe. As long as the weather holds out we anticipate crossing Almshouse Rd. in 2 weeks.

February 26, 2019 Rutledge Excavating will be start clearing in the right of way on Thursday, February 28. The clearing will start on Old New Road and work its up to Willow.

February 22, 2019 Due to weather and sewer alignment adjustment approvals from DEP the project has been on hold and the crew sent to do other work. We expect to restart the Pebble Ridge work mid next week (2-27-19). We will update the schedule of milestones once we are underway again. All work is weather permitting.

December 28, 2018 “We have been hitting significant rock in the driveway of the Both Property. We have begun discussing some alternative ways to avoid the rock as it has slowed down the production rate. Coupled with weather we are progressing slowly. We hoped to be across Militia Hill next week but we anticipate the rock issue will push us back 3-4 weeks”

November 2, 2018 “Excavation has begun and we have installed 300 lf of 8” SDR-26 (pipe thickness) and Manholes CV#1 and CV#2.  We have begun to encounter rock which were are ripping out with our machine.

The week of the 5 of November we expect to continue installing pipe as well as manholes CV#3 and CV#4. This run will be a slow moving one as the cut in depth of this line will be approximately 22 feet below street level.  As always the schedule is  weather dependent.”

October 12, 2018 “BCWSA will continue saw cutting on Militia hill rd. the week of 10-15. Due to weather we have not been able to excavate at the interceptor, therefore we will be starting excavation at the easement next to Militia Hill rd. by the week of 10-22 possible sooner if weather permits.”

September 14, 2018 “ Material delivery for the first section (Almshouse and Militia hill roads) has been completed. Pipe installation has been delayed due to creek levels and rain expected next week. We expect to begin installation the week of 9-24-18”

August 24, 2018  Click Here to view the newest press release from BCWSA.

July 27, 2018 Letter from BCWSA.  Click Here to view the letter

*Beginning the week of July 23rd Gilmore and Associates will begin the stake out for the sewer project on those properties that provided easements.

*BCWSA are still on schedule to begin work on the sewer project the beginning of August. They will be starting with clearing along the creek side of the project before moving into the neighborhood.

Pebble Ridge/Woodridge & Vicinity Approved Agreement with BCWSA

October 30, 2017 Click Here to view Resolution No. 1980

Pebble Ridge/Woodridge & Vicinity Final Draft Agreement with BCWSA

Click Here to view the Pebble Ridge/Woodridge Area Sanitary Sewer Construction Agreement

PENNVEST Loan Information

6/6/2018 Township Completes Closing on the PENNVEST Loan.

Click Here to view the attached letter with a tentative schedule and timeline for construction.

Public Water Survey in Pebble Ridge/Woodridge

Click Here to view the Municipal Authority’s letter to residents whose purpose is to gauge the interest in having public water in the surrounding vicinity of the Pebble Ridge/Woodridge neighborhood.

Township Awards Bids and Approves Paperwork for PENNVEST Loan

On April 17, 2018 the Doylestown Township Board of Supervisors approved the bids for the pump station and the clearing and grubbing for the project. Click here for the article. Be advised that BCWSA still has to approve the bids.

Also, the Board approved the required paperwork associated with the PENNVEST loan. We anticipate closing on the loan in late May. We’ll post additional updates as information becomes available.

Low Interest Loan Application Approved

At their meeting on January 31, 2018 the PennVest Board approved the Township’s application for the low interest loan to pay for the costs associated with the construction and installation of the Pebble Ridge/Woodridge Sewer Project. The receipt of funds from PennVest is subject to a formal settlement, which the Township anticipates will occur within the next four to six months.  As indicated during meetings this past summer, the low interest loan interest rates and loan term offered to us by PennVest will be passed along and will be available to residents as part of a loan program offered through BCWSA to pay for each resident’s costs of the public portion of the Project.

In addition, BCWSA’s engineer Gilmore & Associates will be putting out bids for construction of the pump station, as well as clearing for the project. Permits for the project from PennDot, PA DEP and the Bucks County Conservation District are being finalized.

We still anticipate this project getting underway during the summer of 2018.


Click Here to view Ordinance No. 384

Below is the proposed and revised ordinance for consideration on 8/15/17. The Board of Supervisors adopted this ordinance at their meeting on 8/15/17.

Proposed Revised Sewer Ordinance

Below are the responses to questions from residents along with a process flow chart:

Responses to Residents Questions PRWR Sewer Project

Related Past Documents and Materials:

Proposed Ordinance

Easements: On March 3rd, 2015 the Doylestown Township Board of Supervisors authorized the acquisition of the necessary easements for this project.  Once the easements are received, Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority will move forward with the bidding process.

Presentations & Other Information

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