Is there fluoride in our water?

There can be trace amounts of fluoride in the water system that occur naturally. DTMA does not add fluoride to the water. You can contact your family dentist if you feel you and your family would benefit from fluoride.

Where does our water come from?

The Doylestown Township Municipal Authority has 13 ground water wells. The source of the water is from the Stockton geological formation. DTMA also maintains interconnections with neighboring authorities that is a blend of ground and surface water. See attached link for more detailed information on the Public Water System: http://www.doy_lestownpa.org/departments-and-services/doylestown-township-municipalauthority/.

Do we have hard water?

The ground water is consistent with what is found in ground water in Bucks County and is considered hard. The hardness ranges between 150 to 180 mg/l (9-16 grains per gallon). Hard water is generally not harmful to one’s health; water softening is commonly used to reduce hard water. DTMA does not treat for hard water. Customers who desire a soft water may install a treatment unit at their expense on their household water system.

Why is my water brown?

Fluctuations in water pressures can dislodge sediments, “sandbars” that over time has accumulated in the water mains. When the water is moving one way and suddenly it is force to reverse flow, things can get stirred up. There could be a few reasons for this to happen. One reason is the DTMA staff is conducting the annual fire hydrant flushing program. The fire department is using a fire hydrant to fight a fire is another possible reason. Lastly, the hot water heater in your home may need to be flushed as sediment can build up in the bottom of the tank.

Why is my water cloudy?

Small air bubbles in the water may be the cause of the cloudy appearance. The water will become clear once the water rests and the bubbles rise to the top.

If I have a water emergency or no water, what should I do?

In case of an emergency or no water at your location, please call the township offices at 215-348-9915, Monday — Friday 8:30 to 4:30pm. After hours, weekends and holidays, contact the township police dispatch number at 215-348-4200.

If a waterline breaks on my property, who is responsible?

DTMA is responsible for the water line up to the curb stop. Water lines from the curb stop to the house is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Why did I receive a letter regarding my water meter?

There are two reasons as to why a letter regarding your water meter would be sent. Reason one: DTMA staff is unable to read the water meter. When this happens, your water bill is based on an estimate of prior year usage, which in some instances is not completely accurate. Reason two: Your water meter is an older model that is in need of an updated model.

How do I know if I have a leak?

The first thing you need to do is locate your water meter. It is usually located in the basement of the home. To check, take note of the meter reading when you are about to go to bed or leave the house. Make sure there is no water being used. When you wake or return home, before any toilet is flushed or water is turned on, read the meter again. If there is a change in numbers, then you may have a possible leak. In general, unless water is passing through the meter, the meter numbers should remain the same.

Why is my water bill so high?

If you have a higher than normal water bill, here are two possible reasons:

A leak: Double check all toilets to be sure they are not running or when you walk away you hear it flush. Also check all faucets for drips. Check hot water heaters, water softeners, hose bibs, and irrigation systems.

Usage Change: Be aware of usage – Have you watered your garden or lawn? Have there been extra people in the house anytime during the last quarter? Do you have a new appliance?

When will I receive my water bill and when are they due?

Water bills are sent out quarterly:

Billing Dates: Due Dates:
December 31st January 31st
March 31st April 30th
June 30th July 31st
September 30th October 31st

What is the water rate and how is it calculated?

Water rates are based on your meter sizes and most residents have a 5/8″ x 3/4″ meter and the minimum charge is twenty ($20.00) dollars per quarter plus $5.85 per 1,000 gallon of water usage. See attached link for more information https://www.doylestownpa.org/departments-and-services/doylestown-townshipmunicipal-authority/.

How do I set up automatic payment?

You may sign up for automatic payments by downloading the form on the attached link: Authorization Agreement for Direct Payment or call us at 215- 348-9915 and we will email or mail you the ACH Debit form. Follow the instructions on the form, attached a voided check and mail back to the Authority. If you are emailing us the form, please scan a copy of the voided check along with the form. The automatic payment is debited to your bank and water accounts on the 28th day of the month before the due date.

How do I pay my water bill online?

Click on the attach link, https://wippii.edmundsassoc.com/WippDTMA/ and follow the prompt.

How do I update my account information?

You may contact us via email at klim@doylestownpa.org or download the Update Contact Information form at the attach link: https://www.doylestownpa.org/departments-and-services/doylestown-township-municipalauthority/ and submit to us.

What do I do when I move?

Have your realtor or abstract company contact us with the settlement date so we can finalize your water bill at settlement. Your realtor or abstract company should handle all this for you.

Email or send us a letter at least two weeks before you move out.

Information on BCWSA and how DTMA relates to each other.

In 1993, Doylestown Township Municipal Authority (DTMA) sold its interest in the public sewer system to Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority (BCSWA). BCWSA had been operating the public sewer system generally in the northern areas of the Township, but now manages the public sewer system throughout Doylestown Township. DTMA has no affiliation with BCSWA, we are a separate entity. See attach link for more information https://www.doylestownpa.org/departments-and-services/doylestown-township-municipalauthority/.

If you are a customer of DTMA and BCW&SA, your sewer bill is based on water that passes through the water meter. In short, water in equals’ water out. BCW&SA Office number: 215-343-2538.

Public Notifications & Alerts

In case of a water related emergency, DTMA employs an Auto-dialing direct contact phone system. You will receive a phone call to alert you of an emergency based on the phone number you provided to DTMA. If you have not provided a phone number or if you wish to update your contact information, please contact DTMA at 215-348-9915 and we will update the information in our database. DTMA does not share contact information with any outside sources.

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