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Boards and Commissions

Doylestown Township is lucky to have so many resident volunteers staffing our Boards and Commissions.  If you are interested in serving on one of our Boards and Commissions for 2018 please send a letter of interest and resume to .


Agricultural Security Area Advisory Council 2
Friends of Kids Castle 3

All meetings are open to the public.  Please view the Meeting and Event calendar for the current month’s schedule, or to read committee minutes or agendas. Unless otherwise specified, please direct correspondence to: (Member’s Name), (Board or Commission) c/o Stephanie Mason, Township Manager 425 Wells Road Doylestown, PA 18901

Agricultural Security Advisory Council

The Agricultural Security Advisory Council considers applications for open space donations and conservation easements. Meeting dates are established upon individual application received. Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors to a one year term.

Council Members
Marge Kohl
Jeffrey S. Fehr, P.G. Jordan Yeager
 Vacancy  Vacancy
Jennifer Herring,  Board of Supervisors Liaison

Bicentennial Committee

Committee Members
 Arthur Zapolski, Esq., Chairman Chris Nardo, Vice Chairman
Beth Long, Secretary Stu Abramson
David Hansen Tina Mazaheri, Esq.
Anne Woodbury Dr. Vail Garvin
John Arnold Renu Dalal
Mary Lou Parry Christopher Maddish
Ted Feldstein  Barbara N. Lyons, Board of Supervisors, Liaison
Alvin Clark

Bike & Hike Committee

This Township committee works in cooperation with Doylestown Borough in constructing a pedestrian friendly walk/bikeway that will link residents in both the Borough and the Township. The goal is to complete the community walkway so that pedestrians have a safe route of travel without needing to utilize the sides of roadways. Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8 AM. Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors to a one year term. Download Bike and Hike System Map. Download the History of the Bike & Hike Committee.

Doylestown Township Members Doylestown Borough Members
Judy Hendrixson, Vice Chairman Lynn Goldman, Chairman
Thomas Kelso Bruce Hochman
Larry Gage Dick Patterson
Bill Wert, III Phil Elingher, Asst. Borough Manager
Stephanie J. Mason, Township Manager Elizabeth Wyckoff
Ryan Manion, Board of Supervisors Liaison


Members-at-Large Community Members
Peter Fernadez, Plumstead Township Eileen Bradley, New Britain Township Manager
Andrew Hamilton, East Coast Greenway  Cynthia Jones, New Britain Township
Taylor Thompson, Heritage Conservancy Vacant, Delaware Valley College
Roy Reider, Warrington Township Mary Pat Holewinski, New Britain Borough
Marilyn Jacobson, Chalfont Borough Sam Bryant, New Britain Borough Manager
Sandra Zadell, Chalfront Borough Manager Louise Silberg, Buckingham Township
Rebecca Fink, Buckingham Township Tom Price
Sara Patterson (Consultant) Chris Stanford, P.E. (Consultant)


UCC Board of Appeals

Members are appointed for a five year term.

Board Members
Kevin Harrigan Judy Hendrixson Joseph C. Van Houten

Board of Auditors

Members are elected for a six year term.

Board Members
Patricia A. Medd, Chairperson Robert T. Repko, Esq., Secretary Stan Durey, Vice Chair


Doylestown Dog Park Advisory Committee

Doylestown Dog Park Members:

1) Have an interest and commitment to the value of the Doylestown Dog Park. 2) Have a commitment to the operational procedures as established. 3) Understand and support the financial commitment and fee structure established for ongoing operations and maintenance. 3) Understand and serve as an advocate for the park as well as rules and regulations. 4) Contribute to the awareness of DP member requirements, rules & regulations and maintain ongoing dialog with DP members.

Areas of Concern/Responsibility:

1) Observation, discussion and recommendations relative to ongoing maintenance, management and operations of the DP. 2) Follow-up review and discussion of incident reports received and action taken. 3) Follow-up review and discussion of incident reports received and action taken. 4) Review, recommendations and support (when necessary) relative to special event requests. 5) Establishment and coordination of Site Watch Program for safety, security and adherence to rules & regulations. 6) Coordinate for clean-up days and or other activities deemed appropriate and/or beneficial. This may be done in cooperation with the FDDP 7) Communicate with FDDP relative to continued fundraising for park amenities and capital needs.

Doylestown Township Members
Kathy Brown, Chairperson David Cochran, Member at Large
Deborah McComas, Vice Chairperson Warren Grant, Member at Large
Donna Cawthorne, Secretary Katelynn Sterk, Doylestown Borough
Karen A. Sweeney, Staff Liaison Caroline Brinker, Borough Liaison
Andrew Miller
Barbara N. Lyons, Board of Supervisors, Liaison

Environmental Advisory Council/Shade Tree Commission  

The EAC is an advisory council that focuses on environmental issues that directly and indirectly affect the Township and its residents. Among the EAC’s monthly tasks are the review of current development plans and discussion of other current or anticipated issues. These issues include waste collection, recycling (batteries, leaves, cardboard, medicine), Tree City USA (since 1998), Arbor day, World Wide day of Play, and the Audubon Society’s Bird Town program. For the past several years, the EAC has been airing the EAC hour every day at 6 am and 6 pm on the government access cable channel. The EAC’s reviews translate into recommendations on the environmental protection standards regarding submitted plans. These comments, in accordance with Township ordinances, are then submitted to the Planning Commission and Township Supervisors to be addressed as part of the overall review of a development project. At the request of the Township Supervisors, or in response to relevant opportunities, the EAC provides advice to the Township Supervisors. This advice may include letters of comment on various environmental issues, reports of progress or proposed action, reviews, evaluation of land development ordinances being written or revised, and the outcome of joining with other Township officials for special events and programs.

Commission Members
Jeannine Mitchell, Chairperson Heidi Shiver
Don Richardson, Vice Chairman Anne Woodbury
Martin Brooks Dr. Tanya Casas
Jennifer Herring, Board of Supervisors Liaison Dr. James Baldassarre

Please direct all correspondence to: [member’s name], EAC, 425 Wells Road Doylestown, PA 18901

Friends of Kids Castle

The mission and/or purpose of the Committee shall be to assist the Board of Supervisors in connection with the fundraising, maintenance, management, repair and operation of Kids Castle.  It is understood and agreed that the ultimate responsibility for the maintenance, management and operation of the Kids Castle facility rests with the Township, but recommendations and advice from the Committee shall be essential to the successful upkeep and maintenance of Kids Castle.  The Committee shall consist of five (5) Committee members, who shall be appointed by the Doylestown Township Board of Supervisors upon the recommendation of the Friends of Kids Castle. Members are appointed to a 3 yr term.

Committee Members
Joe Salvati, Chairman
Jon Bierdermann
Ryan Manion, Board of Supervisors Liaison


Historical Architectural Review Board

The HARB gives counsel to the Board of Supervisors regarding the application for a building permit for exterior work that will be visible from a public street to be done in the Historic District. Meetings are to be determined as needed.

Board Members
Dori Vincente, Registered Architect, Chairperson Nicholas Molloy, Real Estate Broker, Vice Chairman
Joseph Delikat Robert Klovekorn
Sinclair Salisbury, Building Inspector and Secretary Harry Mondoil
Kevin Harrigan


Municipal Authority (DTMA) 

The DTMA owns and operates the three systems which supply Doylestown Township water, per an agreement between DTMA and Doylestown Township Board of Supervisors, for forty (40) years starting February 16, 1993 and running through February 16, 2033. DTMA is an operating Authority and will follow guidelines per Township approved water utility master plan as prepared by Huth Engineers. DTMA agrees the Board of Supervisors must approve:

    • Acquisition or sale of property
    • Construction of utility infrastructure
    • Creation of capital improvement fund in excess of $500,000.00
    • Usage rate structures, districts and means of financing

DTMA agrees to establish an annual budget, pay all obligations, reimburse Township for expenses related to use of Township facilities and staff, and to promote expansion into other Central Bucks areas. Members are appointed to a five year term.

DTMA Members
Richard A. Bach, Chairman Alfred S. Ciottoni, P.E.
C. Edward Hege, Vice Chairman Richard Magee, Solicitor
Kevin Green, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Keith Hass, Executive Director
Joseph C. Van Houten, Secretary Donna Jacobini, Recording Secretary
Rod Stone, Treasurer Richard F. Colello, Board of Supervisors Liaison

Please direct all correspondence to: [member’s name], DTMA c/o Keith Hass, Executive Director 425 Wells Road Doylestown, PA 18901

Open Space & Farmland Preservation Board

Suspended as of July 15, 2014. The Open Spagce & Farmland Preservation Board was created with the goal of protecting and preserving the natural beauty and agricultural potential of the Township’s open spaces and farmlands.

Park & Recreation Board

The P&R Board advises the Board of Supervisors on matters of recreation policy and the development and maintenance of parks and open spaces in the Township.  Members are appointed to a five year term.

Board Members
John Bray, Chairman Paul DiNella
Dr. Janice Solkov Robert Salanik
Kathy Brown, Vice Chairperson Susan Reichwein
Blythe Kelly, Secretary Vijay Balaji, Youth member
Jennifer Herring, Board of Supervisors Liaison Karen A. Sweeney, Staff

Please direct all correspondence to: [member’s name], Park & Recreation Board c/o Karen Sweeney, Director, Parks and Recreation 425 Wells Road Doylestown, PA 18901

Park & Recreation & Open Space (PROS) Comprehensive Plan Committee


Robert Salanik Deborah McComas
Bill Wert Karen Sweeney, Director of Park & Recreation
Anne Woodbury Jennifer Herring, Liaison
Kathy Brown

Pension Advisory Committee

The Pension Advisory Committee advises the Board of Supervisors on pension matters of Doylestown Township’s staff. They will evaluate the financial condition of the Non-Uniform and Police Pension plans in order to help inform decisions impacting the Doylestown Township Annual budgeting process.

Board Members
Sinclair Salisbury, Chairman Nancy Wasch
Edward Denton Gregg Schuster
Joseph Delikat Colleen Mullin
Tim Riehl Stephanie Mason, Non- Voting Member, Secretary
Ken Wallace, Non- Voting Member Secretary Ken Snyder (Board of Supervisors Liaison)

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission performs three primary functions for the Township. Firstly, the Commission works closely with the Board of Supervisors, planning consultant, and Bucks County Planning Commission to consider current development plans and the ordinances which govern these developments.  Secondly, it is responsible for preparing a comprehensive plan for the development of the Township as set forth in the State Planning Code. The most recent comprehensive plan was completed was amended in 2008. Finally, the Commission maintains records of all its actions. These materials are kept in the possession of the Board of Supervisors for their continued reference and use. Members are appointed to a four year term.

Commission Members
Judy Hendrixson, Chairperson Gregory Reppa, Vice Chairman
Jeremey Deppeler Judith Stern Goldstein, Township Planning Consultant
George Lowenstein Thomas Kelso
Cynthia Del Gaudio, Recording Secretary
Richard F. Colello, Board of Supervisors Liaison


Public Water and Sewer Advisory Board 

BOARD Members
Joseph Van Houten, Chairman John Canterbury, Vice Chairman
Joseph Krumenacker Wallace Pattyson
Rod Stone, Secretary Gary Munkelt
James Dowling
Richard Colello, Board of Supervisors Liaison

The Board advises and educates the public and Board of Supervisors on issues involving wastewater and well water management.  Wastewater is that which is discharged from a residence or building; then processed through an on-lot septic system (thereby recharging the aquifer below the ground), or through a sewer pipe leading to a wastewater treatment facility.

Utilizing technical data and public input the Board reviews and evaluates current on-lot system and well data provided by the Board of Health and Township.  Upon analyzing the data, Board members prepare practical and economically feasible recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding wastewater management and to the Municipal Authority regarding water contamination.

Central Bucks Senior Task Force

The task force’s goal is to provide senior citizens with information and connections to local resources.

township delegates
James McGowan, Chairman  Ernie Gash
Vacancy (2)  Kevin Jameson
Jennifer Herring, Board of Supervisors Liaison

Telecommunications Advisory Board

The Board of Supervisors, in 1994, established the Cable Television Advisory Board, presently known as the Telecommunications Advisory Board (TAB), to make recommendations on cable television issues. The TAB reviews cable company residents’ service complaints, recommends cable ordinances, franchises and franchise renewals, and run our Government Access Channels on Verizon Channel 31 and Comcast Channel 22.

Board Members
Ed Ebenbach, Chairman Kurt R. Krause
Keith Peters David Laustsen
Arthur Zapolski Ryan Manion, Board of Supervisors Liaison
Jean Laustsen, Member at Large


Traffic Advisory Committee

The Traffic Advisory Committee was created in 2005 for the purpose of studying traffic issues in the Township and making recommendations where appropriate.  Its recommendations shall be made to the Board of Supervisors.

Committee Members
Mark Shiner, Chairman Doug Rowe
Carol Shugars Dave Tomko, Consultant
Chief Dean Logan Pennoni Associates, Traffic Engineer
Ken Snyder, Board of Supervisors Liaison

If you would like to report a traffic concern or traffic calming request (and you are a township resident), please use our request form.

PennDot Traffic Calming Handbook 

Turk Road Feasibility Study Committee

The Turk Road Feasibility Study Committee was created in 2018 for the purpose of studying and making recommendations on the continuation of the bike and hike trail along Turk Road in Doylestown Township.


Tom Kelso Lynn Goldman
Keith Fenimore Dick Patterson
Roger Clark Liz Wyckoff
Larry Gage Al Crack
Katie Maio Ryan Manion and Stephanie Mason as Twp. Reps.
Harry Jones, Jr. Wendy Margolis and John Davis as Borough Reps.
Chris Stanford, Michael Baker International

Unsung Hero Community Service Award Committee

Committee Member
Barbara N. Lyons, Liaison


Vacancy Board

Board Member
Wallace Pattyson

Member appointed for a one year term.

Ways & Means Committee

The Ways and Means Committee develops well researched information and analysis and makes recommendations to help the Township’s leadership make objective and transparent decisions that directly impact the financial condition of the Township. The Core Financial Objectives are:

  •  Provide a long-term perspective (multi-year outlook) for planning
  •  Provide short-term operating results reports
  •  Maintain stability of the operating base
  •  Effectively allocate tax millage
  •  Set rationalized capital spending levels
  •  Utilize a consistent, cost-effective financing strategy
  •  Identify measures to mitigate shortfalls

The committee meets the 4th Wednesday of the month @ 7:00 pm in the township building except July, November and December. Additionally there are 4-5 budget work sessions (Sept-Nov). All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Visit our new web page called Tax Dollars at Work to see related articles from the township newsletter and other useful budget information as we develop it.

Committee Members
Brenda Bray, Chairman Colleen Mullin
Robert Salanik, Vice Chairman Kevin Harrigan
Joseph Delikat Ed Ebenbach
Mike Paulosky Ken Snyder, Board of Supervisors Liaison


Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The Board has the following powers:

  1. To hear and decide appeals from a decision or determination of any administrative official in connection with the  Zoning Ordinance and amendments thereto. Such appeals must be made within 30 days after the date of the decision.
  2. To grant Special Exceptions, where the Special Exception is authorized by a provision of the Zoning Ordinance which applies to the Zoning District within the property, which is the subject of the application, lies. Such Special Exception will only be grated when the proposed use of the property use of the property and /or the physical characteristics of the property conform to the standards and criteria set forth by the Zoning Ordinance as prerequisites for the granting of the Special Exception. A Special Exception will not be granted where the public interest will be injured. The burden of proving that the grant of Special Exception would be contrary to the public interest shall be upon those opposing the grant of such a Special Exception.
  3. To grant Variances from the terms of the Zoning Ordinance. The Board may only grant a Variance where, owing to special conditions prevailing on the subject property, a literal enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance will result in an unnecessary hardship, meaning that the property owner will be prevented from making reasonable use of the property. The burden of proving the existence of an unnecessary hardship and proving that the proposal will not harm neighboring properties or the public good rests upon the applicant. The circumstances which give rise to such hardship must be unique to the subject property. The possibility that the applicant will gain a greater financial return if a Variance is granted does not in itself constitute a sufficient reason for the granting of a Variance.

No decision by the Zoning Hearing Board relieves any applicant from the responsibility of obtaining any required permits in the manner prescribed by Township Ordinance or State Law. Members are appointed to a staggered five year term. The Zoning Hearing Board meets at 7pm on the 3rd Monday and 4th Thursday of the month as needed, or at other times by special advertisement. Please look at the Township calendar for actual meeting dates.

Board Members
William Lahr III, Chairman Mitchell I. Aglow
William J. Bolla, Solicitor Samuel Costanzo

Please direct all correspondence to: [member’s name], Zoning Hearing Board 425 Wells Rd Doylestown, PA 18901 Don’t have Adobe Reader? Download it here.