Doylestown Township Environmental Advisory Council

Heritage Tree Program

What We Do & Program Goals

Our heritage tree program recognizes trees in Doylestown Township that have a historic significance based on their are and size. Our program is run by our tree specialist Don Richardson and Marty Brooks.

Each Heritage Tree Owner receives a certificate and is invited to attend a monthly meeting to receive recognition. If you have a tree that might qualify for the Heritage Tree Program, call the Township office at 215-348-9915 to schedule a certification visit from Don and Marty.

See a list of Doylestown Township’s Heritage Trees

Helen Eves – 150 Pine Run Road – Flowering Cherry

Fran Miller- 273 Edison Furlong Road- Ash

Angela Parisi – 15 Allen Drive – 2 Silver Maple

Therese and Jeff Schumacher- 2191 Turk Road- White Oak

Norman Schorr- 1069 Pebble Hill Road- White Ash

Barbara Schempp- 10 Valley View Drive – 2 Sassafras Trees

Carolyn Shaddinger – 34 Birchwood Drive- White Ash